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FIC: Unexpected (1/1, Martha/Rose, R18)

Title: Unexpected

Author: shallowgaudy

Rating: FRAO/R18 Length: ~8,300 Keywords: Femslash, smut, Pete’s World, au-ish Characters: Rose Tyler/Alt!Martha Jones Timeframe: About a year or so after Doomsday and well before Journey’s End.

Summary: Of all the bars on all the worlds...A chance meeting brings more than either side could have ever thought.

Disclaimer: Not mine!
Notes: This was supposed to be a short PWP of the insane hotness created by Martha and Rose. However, it ended up clocking in at 8000+ words and not nearly as quick or as dirty as I thought it would be. It certainly wasn’t meant to be a discussion about sexuality...and for the most part it isn’t, though there aspects of that as well.

This may have also spawned an actual, full length fic, which I need like a hole in the head – especially when you consider the length of this part alone.

Tags: fic

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